Italian Championship RX 2021, a new category arrives!

Last Updated on 15 April 2021 @ 13:48:56

N5 debuts

The ACI Sport Italian Rallycross Championship is enriched by a new category: it is the N5, which will involve cars characterised by excellent performance and low cost.

N5 cars are four-wheel drive cars close in performance to an R5, but with a purchase and usage cost reduced by around 50 per cent compared to this category.

Homologated universal chassis frames are mounted on the bodies of any standard four-seater car to accommodate common mechanicals and chassis.

These cars are about 1.5 sec/km slower than the R5s, but they simulate their behaviour and driving pleasure to an astonishing degree. The cars in the N5 category are as propaedeutic for youngsters as they are rewarding for gentleman drivers.

The sole importer in Italy of N5 cars and related spare parts is Dedo Engineering srl, which set up the first N5 Factory in Piedmont, in Basaluzzo (AL), in collaboration with Spanish manufacturer RMC.

For further information:

It is always satisfying to see the birth of a new category," comments the President of Sport Club Maggiora, Promoter of the Tricolour RX, Riccardo Fasola. "It is a sign of the growing interest in the Championship.

Calendar changes

Following some logistical problems, the competition calendar has been updated as follows

  • 4/5 April Round 1 Maggiora Offroad Arena - Maggiora (NO)
  • 8/9 May Round 2 Castelletto Circuit - Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV)
  • 5 June Round 3 Maggiora Reverse - Maggiora (NO)
  • 6 June Round 4 Maggiora Offroad Arena - Maggiora (NO)
  • 31 July/1 August Round 5 Castelletto Circuit - Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV) - Coefficient 1.5 - Also valid for Austrian Championship and FIA CEZ (Central European Zone)
  • 4/5 September Round 6 Ittiri Rally Arena - Ittiri (SS)
  • 2/3 October Round 7 Wachauring - Melk (Austria) - Coefficient 2 - Also valid for Austrian Championship and FIA CEZ (Central European Zone)
  • 30/31 October Round 8 Maggiora Offroad Arena - Maggiora (NO) - Coefficient 2 - Also valid for FIA CEZ (Central European Zone)