Maggiora 4×4 Experience returns

Last Updated on 9 March 2022 @ 22:33:35

The event scheduled at the Maggiora Offroad Arena from 10 to 12 September

After the great success of the Summer Edition, the Maggiora 4×4 Experience returns, the rally dedicated to all off-road vehicles scheduled for 10/11/12 September at the Maggiora Offroad Arena.

Three levels of difficulty

The event, organised by Sport Club Maggiora under the aegis of the Federazione Italiana Fuoristrada (FIF), includes a route, about 5 kilometres long, with itineraries of three levels marked by different colours, according to the best-known classification of ski slopes, thus distinguishing their increasing level of difficulty.

The BLUE track is suitable for 4×4 cars in road-going trim; some preparation elements (such as roll-bar, seat and racing seatbelts) are required to compete on the RED track; the most difficult track, the BLACK, will only be open to prototypes with a high level of tuning.

Signs with arrows indicate at each fork which road to take according to the characteristics of each car. Characteristic of this route is its being completely natural, surrounded by greenery, on roads that are normally closed to vehicular traffic and climb the slopes of the hills around the Maggiora Offroad Arena; bumps and fords in the Sizzone stream add to the fun.

The spectaculartwist area, with holes and elements of varying difficulty artificially created for the event, completes the offer.

Each passage is manned by organisation personnel who, in addition to supervising the smooth running of the event, are able to provide participants with advice on how to deal with the obstacles that gradually present themselves to them.

Participation will be limited with mandatory pre-registration.

Green Pass compulsory

According to the current ANTI COVID regulations, the event will only be open to persons with a Green Pass.

More information on the event website