Maggiora 4×4 Experience, off-road great protagonist in Maggiora

Last Updated on October 7, 2022 @ 14:56:30

The long-awaited event starts today and will end on Sunday, Oct. 9

A weekend not to be missed for off-road enthusiasts: the eighth edition of Maggiora 4×4 Experience, a multi-brand rally organized under the aegis of the Italian Offroad Federation that will involve hundreds of off-road vehicles from all over Italy, began today at Maggiora Offroad Arena.

Maggiora 4×4 Experience will feature a route, about 5 kilometers long, that includes routes of three levels marked by different colors, according to the most well-known classification of ski slopes, thus distinguishing their increasing level of difficulty.

The BLUE track is suitable for 4×4 cars in typical street trim, while the RED track requires some elements of preparation (such as roll cage, seat and racing belts); the most extreme track, marked by the color BLACK, will be for highly tuned prototypes only.

The course will be completely natural, immersed in greenery on roads that are normally closed to vehicular traffic and that climb the hillsides around Maggiora Offroad Arena, alternating with bumps and fords in the Sizzone stream; a twist area will then be set up, with potholes and elements of difficulty artificially created for the event, always new, to test the grip of the cars and the skill of the drivers.

Spectators can watch the evolutions of the Gathering participants free of charge.

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