The opening of the Italian Rallycross Championship will be a party!

Last Updated on March 21, 2023 @ 13:06:38

The first round of the Italian Rallycross Championship is fast approaching, which will be scheduled as traditionally on Easter weekend, April 8/9/10 at Maggiora Offroad Arena.

The Swiss Autocross Championship will also return, and it is another nice custom, which, in addition to giving an international touch will bring many warm and passionate drivers and fans to the legendary Pragiarolo facility: a partnership, the one with the friends of the Swiss Autocross Championship which is now in its tenth year and which is always very positive and fruitful.

If so far we are in the groove of tradition, Sport Club Maggiora, organizer of Round 1 and Promoter of the Championship, has a big surprise in store: in fact, on Saturday, April 8, the Maggiora Music Festival will be held, the opening party of the Championship that will first feature a presentation of the Championship and its protagonists; to follow we will be able to get wild thanks to the music of the famous Deejay Renee La Bulgara, already present last year at the Night Race.

Maggiora Music Festival will be held in the marquee positioned between the bar and paddocks and will be open to all: admission will be free.

"We want to make all the events held at Maggiora Offroad Arena," explains Sport Club Maggiora President Riccardo Fasola, " more and more a celebration, able to attract not only motor enthusiasts but also a wider audience.

Returning to the more strictly competitive aspects, we recall that 2023 will feature the introduction of a new category, the Sport RX, with low costs and high performance.

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A rich calendar

CIRX 2023 will feature no less than eight rounds: after the Easter test in Maggiora, there will be a thrilling weekend in Sardinia, the return of the highly acclaimed Night Race, the debut of the Pomposa (FE) track and the return of the trip to Austrian soil, this time to Fuglau. Here is the complete calendar

  • April 9/10 Maggiora Offroad Arena (Maggiora, NO)
  • April 29 Ittiri Rally Arena (Ittiri, SS) - Coeff. 2
  • April 30 Ittiri Rally Arena Reverse (Ittiri, SS)
  • May 26/27 Maggiora Offroad Arena Reverse - Night Race (Maggiora, NO)
  • July 8/9 Pomposa Circuit (Pomposa, FE)
  • Sept. 2/3 MJP Racing Arena Fuglau (Fuglau, Austria) - Coeff. 1.5
  • October 21/22 Maggiora Offroad Arena (Maggiora, NO) - Coeff 1.5
  • November 4/5 Castelletto Circuit (Castelletto di Branduzzo, PV) - Coeff 2