Italian Rallycross Championship: final two rounds postponed to Nov. 4/5

Last Updated on October 18, 2023 @ 12:36:53 PM

It's official: the last two Rounds of the Italian Rallycross Championship have been postponed to Nov. 4/5 due to the weather forecast calling for heavy rain especially on Friday.

"There is arisk," explains Riccardo Fasola, President of Sport Club Maggiora, " of not being able to prepare the track adequately, also taking into account the fact that the two Rounds will be held in two different conformations of the track. To ensure the safety of the drivers and to guarantee the spectacle that the grand finale of the Championship deserves, we have therefore decided to postpone the events."

Incidentally, Maggiora Offroad Arena on the weekend of Nov. 4/5 will also be the site of the 4×4 Experience, an off-road rally that has been bringing hundreds of off-roaders to Maggiora for years. "This weekend will be a real festival of motorsport," Fasola further explains, " and it will be great to see two different specialties meet; it will be a great challenge for Sport Club Maggiora as well, but we are sure there will be fun for fans!"

Returning to the RX Championship Round 7 will then be held on November 4 , with three Qs instead of the usual four: it will also be run in Reverse conformation and the race will have coefficient 1.5.

On November 5 it will be the turn of Round 8, the final one, of course always in Maggiora Offroad Arena: it will be back in the classic conformation and the race will have coefficient 2.

Due to the concurrence of the two events, admission will be free!

Despite the fact that it is late fall... November 4/5 will be a hot weekend in Maggiora Offroad Arena!