Recovery of Round 1 of the Italian Rallycross Championship will be held on July 6/7

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 @ 13:49:10

Sport Club Maggiora announces that the rematch of Round 1 of the Italian RX Championship, originally scheduled for Easter weekend at Maggiora Offroad Arena, will be held on July 6/7.

Among other things, July's will be a weekend not to be missed by motorsport fans: Sport Club Maggiora is in fact organizing a series of side events that together with the Tricolore RX race will create a real motorsport festival.

"We have tried to make this weekend," explains Riccardo Fasola, president of the Novara-based association, " a special event: you will see, there will be fun to be had!"

Details of side events will be announced soon, for now just mark the date: July 6/7!

Meanwhile, what has become the official debut of the Championship, the weekend of May 4/5 at the Ittiri Arena, is approaching, with no less than two races scheduled: on Saturday, May 4, with the circuit in classic conformation: on Sunday, May 5, with the track in Reverse version.