European Autocross Championship, the round in Maggiora is getting closer and closer!

In a week's time Maggiora Offoroad Arena will once again be the capital of European Autocorss: in fact, the ninth round of the Continental Championship will be held on September 24/25 at the Novara facility. All categories of the Championship will be at the start: Super Buggy, Buggy 1600, Junior Buggy, CrossCar and Academy Trophy. To make the weekend [...]

Yamaha Off-Road Camp in Maggiora!

On 19 March the important event dedicated to off-road racing A prestigious company like Yamaha has chosen the Maggiora Offroad Arena - "one of the largest Action Sport Parks in Europe", as the Japanese manufacturer defines the Pragiarolo facility on its website - for a major event such as the Off-Road Camp, scheduled [...].