Tricolour RX

Italian Championship RX 2021, Round 1 approaching

With the tests on Sunday 14 and Sunday 21, the run-up to Round 1 of the Italian Rallycross Championship has come to an end: Sport Club Maggiora is working hard to allow the event to run smoothly despite the COVID situation, with a strict protocol that will regulate the [...]

Official presentation Italian RX Championship

On Saturday 6 April, as part of the Media Day, the presentation of the Italian Rallycross Championship, which will be contested according to the following calendar 20/21/22 April - Maggiora Offroad Arena - Maggiora (NO) Coefficient 1.5 1/2 June - Maggiora (NO), will be held at 11.00 a.m. at the Maggiora Offroad Arena, in [...]

Entries open for the 2019 Italian Rallycross Championship

From today you can join the great 8-month-long adventure From today, 22 January, you can register for the Italian Rallycross Championship, which will start on 20/21/22 April in the Maggiora Offroad Arena. It will be possible to register for the entire championship at a particularly convenient rate. For those who have not yet decided to join [...]